About Qpongo - FAQ

  • What is Qpongo?

    Qpongo is the largest, most complete and most private coupon code search engine on the web PERIOD.

    We have lots of advantages over other coupon sites -- one being that we're global.  Don't hesitate to try a Swiss market coupon with your British order.

  • Why the name "Qpongo"?

    We just just picked a fun word to say (in English) and it stuck.

    coupon, coupon go, cu-pon-go, q-pon-go, QPONGO!!!

  • How secure is Qpongo?

    It is 100% safe AND PRIVATE. Qpongo doesn't collect or share any of your information. See our privacy policy.

  • How much does Qpongo cost?

    It's 100% free to use! If you buy a product after clicking on one of our money saving links (including when you view the coupon codes) then the retailer pays us a small commission. The price you pay is not affected by the commission - it's a win / win and, as a result, we don't have to bother you with advertisements. :)

  • I’m a retailer. How do I go about getting my products included in Qpongo?

    Excellent! It probably already happened if you sent Qpongo fishing for coupons for your site but please send an email to affiliates@qpongo.com and we'll contact you.

  • I’m a user. How do I ask questions or report a bug?

    Use our feedback form or send an email to questions@Qpongo.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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